Thursday July 4th, 2013    

For more than 50 years, Clintonville residents have gathered on July 4th to celebrate our nation's independence and our community spirit. This year, we expect more than 25,000 people to enjoy the all-day festivities at Whetstone Park.

Unlike other neighborhoods' celebrations, Clintonville's are funded, staffed, planned and produced without city dollars.

Not long ago, this celebration was in danger of closing until several local residents and business leaders formed Clintonville July 4th Celebration, Inc. to ensure the continued health of this remarkable community gathering.

We invite you to join your friends and neighbors in giving generously. Together, we can keep one of our most valued community assets -- the Clintonville July 4th Celebration -- strong this year and for many years to come.

Please support Clintonville's July 4th Celebration!

 Send checks payable to Clintonville July Fourth Celebration to:
Clintonville July Fourth Celebration
P.O. Box 141463
Columbus, OH 43214